the genius

More parallels! Everytime i find something in common with Jiwon and Sunggyu, it makes me a little giddy haha.I think i’d be the happiest if i find someone who likes them both as much as i do

So one is you know the smart kid in school — he ranked 2nd he says. The other one has an IQ of 160, whether you believe it or not, but his clever antics in 1N2D might lead you to believe it’s true! So yep, i happen to like two geniuses! And they’re both a cast on the show, The Genius. Unfortunately (for me at least), not the same season. Although in some ways it’s for the better that they aren’t right. What to do if let’s say they both end up in the Death Match and one will have to eliminate the other. I don’t want to choose!!!!!~


High Cut : Sunggyu, you were really active in the first season of <The Gnenius> that aired on tvN and the lineup for the second one has recently been revealed. Since you’ve been with them before, what do you have to say about Hong Jinho and Lee Sangmin who are back for the second season? And who do you think is going to win the second season?
Sunggyu : (Hong) Jinho hyung is a player who’s really good alone so I don’t think I have to worry about him as long as he isn’t swept away in an influence game. However I’m really worried about Lee Sangmin sunbae. He’s porous. (T/N : As in, you can see through him) (Laughs). But Lee Sangmin sunbae is the type of person to do well when it comes to relations with people. I think it’s a good thing to be on his side. And in the season, I honestly think (Eun) Jiwon hyung is going to win. Eun Jiwon sunbae is extremely smart and loves games. I think he’s going to be a strong contestant for the first place. trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates

Just imagine my joy when i read that Gyu thinks Jiwon will win!!!!! Remember when Jiwon was asked which idol group has the most talent? He picked Infinite. Kyaaaaahaha! My simple joys in life XD~

(At the press con Jiwon was told that Sunggyu thinks he will win)
Jiwon: Why? I don’t think I’ll be able to win. I think I’ll just be a prop that’s helpful when people ally together. I’m not confident I’ll be able to survive a 1v1 death match, so I don’t think I’ll be able to win.

Jiwon also said in the press con that he watched the first season but he didn’t understand the games. Don’t worry, Sunggyu said the same thing but still he did so well didn’t he~~!

I haven’t watched the first episode of Season 2 yet but i heard Jiwon won the main match, even when he was actually expecting to lose. He got lucky, which again is same with Sunggyu. He got first place in the very first episode when he doesn’t even know the rules haha! So there, i really hope Jiwon will last til the end and that Sunggyu’s prediction will come true! :)

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